Music video about to be released!

It has been a bit quiet around me, but that doesn’t mean I was not actively involved in creating music. The last 1,5 years I worked closely with DJs as Swen van der Endt and Decerno. Also I have been writing my own songs, of which one is now ready to be released. Together with my dear friend and producer Jeroen Molenaar I sat down to create a very powerful and tasteful song called My Last Tears. Dick Kok from Lab-3 mixed it all together and Peter Brussee from Q Point mastered the song. The creative process took a while, but Jeroen and I felt that it was necessary because we did not want to concede to the quality of the song.

The musicians playing on this record are the outstanding Xander Buvelot on bass, Jeroen Molenaar on drums and special sounds, Patrick Drabe on guitar and Arno Schlijper  on keyboard and piano.

My wish was also to shoot a video to accompany the song and on a very cold day, January the 5th 2015, we shot the music video at the Verolme yard in Rotterdam. The music video is executed by Flicks and directed by Relinde de Graaff en Thijs Konings. My dear friend Clarissa Bender was responsible for my make-up and keeping me warm. 😉 I am proud to say that within a couple of days the video will be available on the Jules Fair YouTube and Vimeo channel and I hope you will like it! 🙂

For now you can listen to my song on my SoundCloud page and I hope to release it on iTunes and Spotify within less than 2 weeks, so you can download it. I will keep you posted via Facebook and of course here.

I want to thank everyone who was involved. I dedicate this song to my mother who died December 4th 2013 after being ill for a short period of time. Daniël, Marlijn, Xander, Ida, Nathalie and Petra thanks for being there for me when I needed you most. I love you all!